Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brandon is 2!!!

I can't believe that two years ago I gave birth to Brandon. Other than the birth it seems like just yesterday he fit on my legs and I could just stare at him all day! Not that hes not as cute anymore its just that he can't sit still for more than 5 seconds to cuddle.

His birthday was great! We had my parents and Aunt over for pizza on Brandon's actual birthday and then the rest of my family over for cake. It was great to have everyone together! Brandon got spoiled as per normal and had a great time with his new crayons from Sarah and then they were pushed over for the power saw from Nana and Grandpa, they sure know there boy ;)

Saturday night Mom, Mal and all 4 cousins (except Felix) came for dinner, mac and cheese and hotdogs, typical 2 year old party. It was very loud but fun. He loved the power drill his Aunty Lynne and Uncle Nick got him and the dump truck that comes apart from his Granny!

I made a pirate cake for Brandon and a guitar cake. They turned out pretty good for my first try at it.

Potty training is going well, when hes not overly distracted and naked he gets there almost every time. We don't wear a lot of pants lately. Well Brandon doesn't anyways. We are happy with how it is so far but are looking forward to no diapers. Hes talking more and more and its getting easier to understand him. I love it!

Kristina is getting a lot better at reading and is working through the hooked on phonics kit and is doing great. We are working hard and seeing results! Its the only thing on her report card that shes really not doing well with. We are motivating her with getting her lots of good books to read and we are thinking of letting her read at night until 8 instead of lights out at 7:30. She just doesn't seem to tired and that's a great way to get in more reading.

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