Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Pictures!!!!!

So whats new on the home front? Well I have a beautiful new niece Illyanna Amy Perpeluck, 3 weeks old and am getting another nephew tomorrow at about 8:30am, little Jordon Kristofer Turner ;) Obviously a c-section!

Kristina has lost yet ANOTHER tooth, we aren't going to have to even brush soon as she has lost so many, 6 so far!!!

Brandon is really rolling fast, not all the way across the room, but if hes on his back then hes right onto his tummy. He can roll now belly to his back but not all the time, its just a fluke still. Hes also getting better and better on his tummy. He is definitely pushing himself backwards and can almost go forwards. Pulling though, hes not getting onto his knees yet.

Brandon is also eating more and more real food (well baby food) He is eating about 3 jars a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then bottles as well when needed. Hes also having some Cheerios and is loving them. Hes learning how to use his sippy cup, not bad so far and loves water, especially ice cold water!

It all goes way to fast, but I am loving every minute of it!!

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