Monday, May 4, 2009

The F word

Well when I picked Kristina up from the bus stop on Thursday she had a note for me. It was labeled to the parents of Kristina Watson. I opened it up and read that a little boy had overheard Kristina saying F'ing Bit**s to a few girls and had run into the school to tell the teacher.


Apparently the girls hadn't been playing with Kristina for a few days and kept running away from her, poor thing. And this day they pinkie promised Kristina that they would play with her. They changed there minds I guess and ran away, so in a bout of anger Kristina says she said Fricking! Not as bad but still obviously not good.

Kristina had to go down to the principals office and discuss what had happened. She told her side, and they discussed ways on reacting differently and then was given the note to fill in and take home.

Well that night Kristina and I had a long talk about it and what to do next time. She seemed to really understand it all and she was going to meet with the school counselor the next day with all of the girls and try to sort it all out.

Kristina has been having some meetings with this counsellor since everything that happened with Laila and its been going quite well. She had been giving Kristina all sorts of tools to work with on being a good friend and such.

I called the following day to talk to the counsellor and make sure that they knew that I was obviously concerned and to decide on a game plan to move forward. She had already had the meeting with the girls and it went very well she said. She is going to continue to work with Kristina and the girls on teaching them how to deal with frustration, being a good friend, and all those little grey areas!

I was very pleased though to hear from the counsellor and she thinks that Kristina is a very kind hearted, generous, and loving little girl. Its nice to hear that from someone who isn't biased. It seems we will always be working with our kids on things, the teaching never stops, but we are doing a good job!

Thank God!!!

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